Busting the Meditation myths

All you needed to know about Meditation


Meditation is the new secret pill to success, happiness, peace & calm, and yet there are so many blocks in the way we see & view it.


Today let’s debunk the top myths of meditation


1) I must sit in the Lotus position to Meditate

However, it’s not the ONLY way to meditate. YOU alone are the best person to choose your position. You could choose to lie down and still be in awareness, You could choose you to sit on a chair and feet on the floor, or YOU could choose to even stand and meditate.

As a beginner, align to your purpose– Gaining the benefit of the meditation.

So, start with aligning to the purpose, if you are new, start with any sitting position meditation even using a back-rest and then slowly advance to sitting without a back-rest; staying present with the meditation of choice.


2) In a Meditation I have to keep a blank mind


Having control & calm of mind is the effect and, gift of meditation. Our minds – Sub-conscious tries to communicate with us throughout the day, and we often neglect the signs. Initially when we sit to Meditate the mind begins to throw into our awareness all topics and people we have incomplete work with or actions pending to be taken.

So the next time you close your eyes to meditate, keep a notepad beside you to note down what your mind is bringing to your attention. That’s part of the process, allow it.



3) Meditation is done only for stress release

Meditation helps us keep calm– as a personality & not just at that moment. Meditation removes negativity Meditation keeps us aligned & aware of anomalies in our physical health Meditation helps us sleep better Meditation fastens recovery from any ailment, can be a small cut, a major surgery, or a mental dysfunction Meditation heightens our Instincts Meditation leads to better decisions and a million more reasons, I hope the above reasons encourage you to begin today.



4) We must be Vegan to meditate

Once again it’s a choice most people make. When you do meditate your alignment and communication with your body will guide you to what you must eat.

There are many sages that still consume fish and meat and, many others that live on Prana – Breath.

So allow your body to guide you and, to listen to that voice we begin to meditate.

Eating light & eating to live & sustain is more of the rule we can adopt. Observe yourself when we have a late heavy dinner we don’t sleep well, we wake up sluggish and, tired, it’s because of the pressure placed on the digestion process and time taken away from the body to rejuvenate.

Once again when we eat too heavy and then get into meditation, the body automatically is sending all attention & blood flow to digest the food & thus reduces the ability to be aware.



5) We have to give up on having fun & enjoying life & when we decide to imbibe meditation in our lives.

This thought once again comes from a perceived notion that people who meditate as a lifestyle don’t enjoy life.

Meditation is a tool for Happiness – Happiness is a very open and, free-flowing concept.

Some of us find it in the midst of noise, and, some of us find it in the silence of our own company, and for each choice made there is no right or wrong.

The idea is to find what makes YOU feel your most authentic self.

So yes, if you choose to meditate, you can CHOOSE to enjoy the fun elements the way you like.



6) We must use candles and incense sticks every time we meditate

Using candles, incense and sage is another element altogether. You may CHOOSE too, but you don’t have to.

Just like entering a restaurant makes us hungry, entering a Church, Temple or Mosque, makes us choose silence, likewise lighting a candle, incense stick or sage cleanses the air of impurities and stale energy and creates a vibe.

Meditation teaches us to FEEL with all our senses, & each one of us can choose what associations we like to have during our practice.





7) One can’t swear or get angry when we begin to meditate

There are no rules, yet when we begin to meditate we reach a state of understanding of self and others.

And when we don’t understand others we allow the space.

Anger is a release of emotions to things we cannot accept. When we meditate as a life practice, we learn to harness this energy very differently.

So you may choose to be your authentic self and decide whether anger and swearing is a release that needs

more thinking or just something that’s a choice.


So, if you have been thinking if meditation is something to ADD to your life but some myths held you back, then I hope those blocks have been cleared or at least opened today to allow and welcome you to find your strength within you.

Wish you the most delightful Meditational Practice.

– Kim

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