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Life is a sum of the choices we make, on a daily basis we not only make conscious choices, but sub-conscious ones. for example, like when you see an image of some tasty food and it makes you feel instantly hungry, or when you see a pair of shoes that you didn’t know you needed until that exact moment. if we know the sub-conscious mind is so powerful – then why don’t we use it to our advantage. That is exactly what the agenda of the Little Blue Book is.


Now it’s time to prime your subconscious mind. This book serves as thoughtful, impactful & personal gift to a friend, colleague, client or family member to show how much you care- a gift that they might not know they’ve needed.

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Who is Behind Mie Mind


Jenna Jenkins - Founder Of Luxe Incorporations”

Setting my intentions was always difficult, I knew I wanted to do it but didn’t really know how. Kim created this beautiful calendar style intentions booklet which helps me every single day. My office wouldn’t be complete without it!


I love it !!!

Sunny Ahuja - Radio Presenter/ Business Head @ Fun Asia Radio Network/Entrepreneur

I didn’t know I needed “The Little Blue Book” until I had one. My understanding & approach to creating life & opportunities has completely shifted. I encourage everyone to have one & gift one.

Ramy Khalifa, Senior Procurement Engineer at Petrofac international limited

Wow, never did I think this would have such a positive impact on my life.  I was gifted “The Little Blue Book” by a friend who always talks about positivity,  I do understand it but I’m a very practical guy and I need logic to take things into consideration.  Saying that,  I am really impressed with how much of a good supporting start this gives me along with my morning routine,  really helps set the tone for the day! 

Vyara Tosheva, Wellness Consultancy and Coach

Kim has the ability to always think unconventional , out of the box with a fresh pair of a childlike eyes curiously exploring and creating the world around her rather than getting settled in what it is. Kim s approach to teaching and coaching makes one belive he or she  is the coach and not vice versa through the art of questions and analyses Kim puts into play.While keeping one still grounded Kim often will leave you feeling like you just traveled to the sky together,  explored and co-created something new and exciting to live for.


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