Test your mind direction

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Full Moon Activations

Date : 08 -11 -2022

During the full  moon the energy automatically supports in releasing blocks, you don’t necessarily   have to believe or fully understand , but set an intention , drop into your consciousness & let go.

Join me on a private beach in the full moon clearing – powered by refillable every month or if you are out of dubai then head to the website ( meditations) for the full moon meditation

New Moon Manifesting

We often FORGET and massively UNDERESTIMATE the power that lies in thought – a desire – a wish

The new moon energy is the perfect time to do just that – sow a seed, implant an idea, stretch your mind into the cosmos

So I invite you to sow a seed in the new moon energy and BEGIN to create the life u desire – click on the link or head over to meditations on the website

Date : 25 -11 -2022

21 - Days Manifesting Marathon

Manifesting is easy, it’s the process of knowing what we want, leaning into the nudges, letting go of doubt, and knowing what action is most aligned to your intention is where the work lies. Join our marathon of 21 days where I help you shift the energy and create the beginning blocks for a Master Manifestor

Date : 05 -01 -2023

7 - Days Let go of the past

Some life lessons can leave a bitter after taste in our energy. When we cannot let go we block ourselves, over a period of time it can also lead to the physical manifesting of pain. In this 7-day online course, you will be taken onto a deep cleansing & healing journey to drop off the baggage.

Date : 02-12-2022

The Conscious Coach

2 - Day Workship

A ladies-only event – why do coaches, healers & women who set up businesses that “help” others struggle to make a sustainable income ? well because of the vibrational mismatch of energy. A SERVICE based business has very different dynamics- which are fully and deeply connected to our inner world. In this master class – You will be led to learn the tools, what doesn’t work, & all the exact feminine energy-based ways to run & succeed in a business that is so inline with your purpose or passion.

Date : 13th-14th January 2023

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