Test your mind direction

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Full Moon Activations

Date : 28 -09 -2023

What if it was possible to that in the NOW – your body healed
– your mind quietened
-your soul elevated

All by the power of your voice

There is a vibrational effect in the word NOW. – it’ creates a pause and directs the energy

Have you been using the power of now effectively ?

Join us on …… as we activate the power of now in shifting your life energy into the direction that you desire and the direction  that’s meant for your highest and best

Join me on a private beach in the full moon clearing – powered by refillable every month or if you are out of dubai then head to the website ( meditations) for the full moon meditation

Womb Healing

Date : 28 -10 -2023

Why is womb healing important?
In our wind we CREATE – babies and ideas

The womb energy allows us to BE.- be the embodiment of our full selves

2 energies block this

1) the energy of unworthiness – whether it’s from ourselves or others actions ( intentional or unintentional )

2) the energy we carry of pain , miscarriages , sexual exergy exchange

When we heal our womb we create the canvas of our soul to BE truly your magnificent self

If you are on the fence – I invite you to lean in. -womb healing is more powerful than any manifesting tool i have applied or taught

Time : 10 am , we start at 10:30 to 2 pm
Location: Marina

Vision Board Party

Date : 14 -10 -2023

Sometimes vision boards work and sometimes they don’t !!!! 
-because the energy attached to the vision is not aligned to our true self 
– because the emotions attached are not aligned to one’s real desires
– because the words/pics chosen are someone’s version of you, instead of your own 
Time: 10 am – 2 pm  join us as we Jam to high vibe music,energy lessons & the systematic process of making Vision boards work 
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