The Journey

The Journey- with MIE MIND

Life, relationships, success, growth, spirituality, manifesting & healing is all A JOURNEY and no longer are you walking on that path alone.

Rumi once said, “When setting out in a journey, DO NOT ask advice from someone who hasn’t left their house”

And often times, when we are on your own path to grow in ways that are true to our identify or higher-self, we may find ourselves lost within our current environment

Thus the Community & the Growth at “The Journey”

Every-month we will focus on either manifesting or healing techniques in the master class.

Access to a close-knit Facebook group where our joint energies create a safe space, a cheer team & a tribe that’s supportive and motivating at the same time.



Membership in The Journey includes a range of master classes, meditations & support community, see the full list below

Your membership is for a full month, no matter when you buy it. So if you buy it on the 10th of the month, it’s valid until the 10th of the next month

There aren’t any free trials, though you are welcome to join the master class at normal rates & then sign up for the membership & avail all benefits on expressing intention.

Once you sign up for the membership, the FB group link will be shared as well as the link in What’s app will be shared, which you can choose to/or not be part of?

Yes, you get a straight 40% discount on one-2-one services, other online courses & healings and coaching (both online & face-2-face)


  • This is a recurring subscription membership model. Monthly recurring members will have payments taken monthly via the merchant services used at initial payment. This monthly recurring membership is NON refundable, However, members can cancel their membership at any point, via their merchant and via email: [email protected]


  • Please allow for up to 45 days for any potential refund transfer to be completed


  • All memberships purchased are done so on a single member basis. Memberships are not to be shared between individuals.

Membership pricing

110 AED Monthly recurring
  • Monthly manifesting or healing master class
  • Monthly theme meditation to practice
  • Group healings within the master class
  • 40% discount on all other online courses
  • 40% discount & preference booking on distance healing, coaching & face-2-face healing.
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